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List of timetables on this site

Each timetable is marked with the date I was last able to check it. In some cases this is from from personal use
but in many I can only check from the official website, which is sometimes slow to update its own information.

Most are now available in an easier to print PDF file format as below. The complete list of timetables is further down the page.
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On most pages, the times are on the same page for both directions


Click here for an alphabetical list of all towns and villages covered by these timetables
Inter-urban bus routes in the Algarve do not have route/line numbers!

Most Timetables are available as PDF files for downloading, easier reading and printing but may not contain all the minor notes. Consult the list above.
** these routes have little or no service at weekends and public holidays
Albufeira  Faro (incl. Airport)  Lagos  Loulé  Portimão  Tavira


Faro - Vilamoura - Albufeira - Lagoa - Portimão - Lagos summary

Lagoa - Carvoeiro - Praia do Carvalho ordinary bus tourist bus information

Lagos - Portimão - Lagoa - Albufeira - Vilamoura - Faro summary

Lagoa - Monte Carvoeiro - Benagil and Praia da Marina weekdays only

Algarve - Huelva - Seville (Spain)

Lagoa - Portimão local buses

Faro - Faro Airport

Lagoa - Portimão - Lagos fast buses

Faro - Loulé

Lagoa - Armação de Pêra - Guia - Albufeira - Vilamoura - Faro

Faro - Olhão - Tavira - Monte Gordo - Vila Real de Santo António

Lagoa - Portimão summary of all buses

Faro - Estoi - São Bras de Alportel
Faro - Olhão - Alfandanga - Moncarapacho **

Armação de Pera - Silves Daily in summer, no Sunday or Holiday service in winter

Faro - Pechão no service at weekends or on public holidays

Armação de Pera - Alcantarilha Estação weekdays only

Armação de Pera - Albufeira - Vilamoura - Faro

Faro connections and city buses (summary)

Armação de Pera - Lagoa - Portimão - Lagos

Vila Real de Santo António - Tavira - Olhão - Faro

Portimão - Lagoa - Albufeira - Vilamoura - Faro

Vila Real de Santo António - Castro Marim - Azinhal and beyond to Alcoutim and Beja **

Portimão - Lagos fast buses

Vila Real de Santo António - Ayamonte (Spain) ferry

Portimão - Monchique

Portimão - Lagos - Sagres - Cape St Vincent

Olhão summary of local connections to Moncarapacho etc
includes passenger ferries to outlying islands

Portimão - Lagos local buses there are also fast non-stop buses

Portimão - Ferragudo - Praia dos Canieros

São Bras de Alportel - local services to Loulé, also nearby villages**

Portimão - Montes da Cima via Algarve Autodromo **

São Bras de Alportel - Santa Catarina - Tavira **

Portimão - Lagoa - Silves - S B Messines

Portimão city local services incl. buses to Praia da Rocha, Praia do Vau and Alvor

Tavira - Olhão - Faro; also to Monte Gordo - Vila Real de Santo António

Portimão - Lagoa summary of all buses

Tavira - Santa Luzia - Pedras d’el Rei and other nearby villages **

Tavira - Cabanas and ferries no Sunday service

Tavira - Quatras Aguas - Ilha de Tavira weekdays only, July and August only

Carrapateira - Aljezur (two buses per week)

Tavira - Cachopo one bus each way weekdays

Tavira - Santa Caterina - São Bras de Alportel **

Lagos - Portimão - Lagoa - Albufeira - Vilamoura - Faro

Lagos - Portimão local buses

Albufeira local bus service information

Lagos - Sagres - Cape St Vincent

Albufeira connections (summary)

Lagos - Luz - Burgau

Albufeira - Vilamoura - Quarteira - Almancil - Faro

Lagos - Bensafrim - Aljezur - Odeciexe one bus each way Saturdays, no buses on Sundays

Albufeira - Guia - Armação de Pera - Lagoa - Portimão - Lagos

Lagos - Colinas Verdes **

Albufeira - Loulé via Boliqueime

Lagos - Bensafrim - Barão São Miguel **

Albufeira - Olhos D'Agua - Falesia - Rocha Baixinha

Lagos - Meia Praia trains and buses

Albufeira - Guia - Algoz - S.B Messines

Lagos urban area local services including Praia da Luz and Burgau

Albufeira - Ferreiras - Albufeira Railway Station

Albufeira Railway Station Bus/train connections summary

São Bartolomeu de Messines - Silves - Lagoa - Portimão

Albufeira - Branqueira - Patã de Baixo

São Bartolomeu de Messines - São Marcos da Serra and Foz de Ribeiro **

Albufeira - Tunes, Silves, Paderne and Messines

São Bartolomeu de Messines - Paderne - Ferreiras - Albufeira

Albufeira - São Rafael - Galé - Salgados - Vale De Parra - Guia **
Daily in summer between Albufeira <> Galé

São Bartolomeu de Messines - Algoz - Guia - Albufeira

Albufeira town bus services (GIRO) summary and links to timetables and maps

São Bartolomeu de Messines - Alte - Benafim - Parragil - Loulé **

Albufeira - Carvoeiro - NO direct bus, connections via Lagoa
São Bartolomeu de Messines - Benaciate - Fonte Louzeiro - Silves **

Loulé - Albufeira via Fonte da Boliqueime

Silves - Albufeira via Algoz and Ferreiras

Loulé - Faro

Silves - Armaçao de Pera ** runs daily in summer

Loulé - Quarteira

Silves - Lagoa - Portimão

Loulé - Almancil - Vale de Lobo and Quinta do Lago **

Silves - Silves Railway Station **

Loulé - São Bras de Alportel **

Silves - Odelouca two buses each way, weekdays only

Loulé - Salir - Benafim - Sarnadas etc **

Silves - Fonte Louzeiro - Benaciate - Messines **

Loulé - Parragil - Benafim - Alte - S.B Messines **

Loulé - Boliqueime - Paderne (schoolday buses only)

Loulé - Querença - Touriz - Ameixal **

Bus companies in other regions of Portugal links to websites

Trains in the Algarve - summary - VRSA - Tavira - Faro - Portimão - Lagos

Algarve - Huelva - Seville (Spain) (and further into Spain)

Porto, Lisbon and other cities to Madrid, Barcelona etc by bus

Algarve - Lisbon by train  Algarve - Lisbon by bus (coach)

Some other cities public transport - how to get there and get around
Porto  Braga  Guimarães Coimbra Covilhã  Guarda Sines and Lisbon (external link)


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