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Carvoeiro area - Rota das Falésias - Cliffs route

This is a minibus connecting Lagoa, Carvoeiro, Ferragudo and various tourist resort areas nearby. It is NOT operated by the main company EVA, their tickets are NOT VALID.

Correct to the best of my knowledge as of 1st April 2017 - checked on official website but not in person

Details are on their website. The service runs "every 30 minutes approximately" - their words not mine. Last summer it apparently operated between 1000 and 1800
Good customer information is obviously not a priority with this operation! If you can help, please email me here.

You may wish to read this very useful information supplied by ´Jörg´on 27th March 2017.

Tickets - €6 for 24 hour ticket or €9 for 48 hours. There are no 'single' trip tickets.



route map

STOPS DIAGRAM - note that Solférias and Praia do Paraíso are served in one direction only.

stops diagram

Note that it starts its journey at Largo da Igreja (Church Square) in Lagoa, which is about 500 metres from the bus station where 'normal' buses stop. Thanks to Jörg for the map



Information is as current as March 25th 2017.

At that time the Rota das Falesias was operating with two buses which effectively meant a bus coming about every 45 minutes.
Below is the timetable for the two buses, one starting in Lagoa going to Carvoeiro, the other one in Carvoeiro going to Ferragudo.  Click to  see full size

bus 1 Bus 2

They were pretty much on time within about 5 minutes max.
 I assume during high season they may operate with three buses which would result in a more frequent schedule every 30 minutes.

One thing you have to know is that buses go from Lagoa via Carvoeiro all the way to Praia do Carvalho, then back via Carvoeiro to Ferragudo and then from Ferragudo back to Lagoa.
So there is no direct connection Ferragudo to Carvoeiro. For the stop at Sesmarias this means buses go in three directions (see attached map), you better ask the driver which direction a particular bus goes.

Notes about other stops:

In Carvoeiro the same stop is used for buses in both directions (main square at the beach), If not sure ask the driver if buses go to Praia do Carvalho or to Sesmarias.

Praia do Carvalho: buses don't stop at the beach but in the luxury resort Club Atlantico (close to the tennis courts). It's about a 10 min walk to/from Praia do Carvalho.


Vale de Milho stop is also a bit away from main road and the bus stopped only in one direction towards Carvoeiro but not from Carvoeiro to Praia do Carvalho. Not sure if the driver missed the stop or if this is regular.

If you are tempted by the Praia do Carvalho, please read. Access to the beach is 150 steep steps down from the road (and of course 150 steps back up) and the last 20 of those are through a little tunnel bored through the rock.

The beach is entirely enclosed by cliffs; the steps are the only access except by boat!

There is some good walking along the cliffs and hills in the surrounding areas, although the going can be a little difficult in some places.

Finally, the area is quite isolated. There are no facilities at the beach and I saw none in the immediate vicinity, so take supplies with you!

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