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The information has been obtained from printed timetables and other local sources (like taking the bus) and is given in good faith.

Bus routes in and around Lagos

The network of local bus routes in and around Lagos operates under the brand-name 'ONDA' and is financed by the Lagos town council.

Timetables and maps are displayed at all the bus stops I have used and at the main bus station. In winter, last buses leave Lagos between 1900 and 2000 on weekdays, but much earlier in some cases at weekends - check the official timetables for exact times. In summer, last buses on some routes to the major tourist areas run between 2300 and 2330hrs

The bus stop at Lagos Railway station is directly outside the building by the taxi rank. On leaving the train, turn right at the end of the platform and go through the exit. Route 2 (Azul) is the only bus that stops at the station. The main bus station is a 5 minute walk, using the footbridge across the river- see the map below.

The official website is at and has full timetables and maps for all routes. The site is no longer available in English. See timetable help below.

The A ONDA stops and bus times are now shown on Google Maps. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information!

There is some useful information at primarily a site for visiting yachtsmen!

Onda Buses

Lagos Bus Station


The official more detailed map, with some extra information,
can be viewed and downloaded here.



This page summarises the information on services. Above is a basic diagram of routes  - click to view full-size. 
  For my city map of Lagos, click here. Will open in a new window.

A ONDA system map here, shows all routes and stops. Will open a new tab or window.
A ONDA tickets cannot be used on EVA or Frota Azul buses, nor vice-versa.


Note for those less mobile - Wheelchairs, electric and manual, can go the buses but NOT mobility scooters.

Route Number
click the number to find the timetable and route diagram

Places served

Many A ONDA buses do not go into the main bus station. They stop on the main road (Esplanada) outside.

Service weekdays 0700 - 1900 approx

Dias Úteis / Montags bis Freitags
Lundi á Vendredi sauf jours féries
0700 - 1900 (approx.)

Service Saturdays/Sábados/Samstags/Samedis

Sundays and Holidays

Domingos e Ferias
Sonntags / Ferientags
Dimanches / Feries

1 (Vermelha)

Route 2 (below) also runs between the station and town centre.

Lagos city internal circuit - STARTS AND FINISHES AT THE RAILWAY STATION, runs to the bus terminal and then a circuit around city centre before heading back to the railway station.

First bus 0740, then every 30 minutes until 1010, then about once every hour until 1610, then about every 30 minutes until last bus at 1850. Extra bus at 1350.

Seven journeys only, departing the station at 0810, 0910, 1110, 1210, 1310, 1610 and 1840.

NB buses are NOT timed to connect with trains

Sunday service only in July and August, same times as for Saturdays.

2 (Azul)

Meia Praia - Lagos Railway Station - Avenida. dos Descobrimentos (outside the Bus Station) -  Portas de Portugal (entrance to Lagos  town 'centre' - Torraltina - Praia Dona Ana - Porto do Mós.

For complete Meia Praia details see this page

First bus from Meia Praia is at 0710 then once every hour until 1710, then at 1830 then at 1930 to bus station only. From Porto do Mós 0740 and every hour until 1640, then 1755 and 1900.

Last bus to Meia Praia from Portas de Portugal is at 1916, to Porto do Mós at 1842.

In July and August this bus runs the complete route once every hour until around 2330hrs. CHECK TIMETABLE

From Meia Praia to Porto do Mós at 0710, 0810 and 0910 then at 1310, 1710 and 1810.  Also at 1010, 1410 and  1910 as far as the bus station.

From Porto do Mós to Meia Praia via Portas de Portugal at 0740, 0840 and 0940 then at 1340, 1640, 1740 and 1840.

In July and August this bus runs the complete route once every hour until around 2330hrs. CHECK TIMETABLE

Same as Saturdays.

3 (Rosa)

Frota Azul buses also run between Lagos and Odiáxere - times here

Praça Infante Dom Henrique - Esplanada (Bus Station) - Chinicato - Odiáxere

Every 30 minutes at weekday peak times, every 60 minutes otherwise, from 0700 until 1930.

Later buses from Lagos 2000 and 2230 in July and August.

Four buses in the morning, three in the afternoon. First bus from Lagos 0700, Last bus from Lagos 1730.

Later buses at 2000 and 2230 in July and August, returning from Odíaxere at 1800, 2030 and 2300.

Five buses each way at irregular intervals from 0845 until 1730. Later buses in summer, same times as Saturday.

4 (Amarelha)

Espiche, Almadena and Burgau are also served by EVA buses

Bus Station** - Praça Infante Dom Henrique - Valverde - Praia daLuz - Espiche - Almadena - Burgau - Almadena - Praia da Luz

** on schooldays between 1600 and 1730 buses do NOT stop at the bus station. Go to the stops on the 'Esplanada' near the footbridge.

Note - the ONDA timetables refer to PRAIA DA LUZ as 'Igreja Sra da Luz'

Buses run at 30 minute intervals between Lagos and (Praia da) Luz from 0800 to 2000. Last bus from Lagos to Luz is at 2000 (winter. In summer later buses at 2100, 2200, 2300 and midnight. Buses at Alamadena and Burgau are  very irregular, check the times.

There are only five buses each way between Lagos  and Luz, four of these go to/from Burgau. There are periods of 3 and 4 hours between buses in the afternoon. Last bus in winter departs Lagos at 1830. Later buses in July and August from Lagos to Luz at 2130, 2230 and 2345, returning to Lagos at 2200 and 2315.

Same as Saturdays, except the last bus in summer from Lagos to Luz is at 2230, from Luz back to Lagos the last bus is at 2200.

5 (Laranja)

Praça Infante D. Henrique - Esplanada (Bus Station) - Chinicato - Sargaçal - Montes Juntos.

Five buses each way.  Additional buses run on Schooldays.

Three buses each way.

No Service

6 (Verde)

Praça Infante Dom Henrique, Esplanada (Bus Station), Complexo Desportivo, Portelas, Bensafrim, Barão de São João.

These buses stop at the Lagos Zoological Park

Weekdays: seven inbound and six outbound buses.

On schooldays most buses run via the Technopolis campus and take a few minutes longer than at weekends.

Three inbound , four outbound buses.

Three buses each way.

7 (Castanha)

Praça Infante Dom Henrique, Esplanada (Bus Station),Complexo Desportivo, Portelas, Monte Judeu, Colégio, Bensafrim

Weekdays - six inbound and five outbound buses.

Two buses each way, from Bensafrim at 0910 and 1730, from Lagos at 0840 and 1700

No Service

8 (Lilas)

Cotifo - Colinas Verdes - Monte Ruivo - Odiáxere - Lagos - Praça Infante D. Henrique - Torraltinha - Gil Eanes School

Four buses each way.

Two buses each way.

No Service

9 (Turquesa)
A complex internal circuit of Lagos Town! See the timetable for  stops.
Every 60 minutes from 0750 to 1950.
One bus every two hours first circuit starting at 0850 until last one at 1850
One bus every two hours but only in July and August.
10 (Cinza)
Town circuit from Praça do Infante via Portas da Portugal, Avenida dos Descobrimentos (outside bus station) to Technopolis and Hospital São Gonçalo.
Every 60 minutes from 0800 to 1900 in winter, 2000 in July and August.
One bus every two hours first circuit starting at 0900 until last one at 1900
Same as Saturdays but only in July and August.

School services

A number of extra journeys operate on schooldays to and from the various educational establishments.

ONDA Fares

A ONDA tickets CANNOT be used on EVA and Frota Azul buses, nor vice-versa. There is NO child discount for these fares. There is a free pass for those under 12 living in the town. There are also passes available for older students, the unemployed, disabled etc. Proofs required.

Cash fare for single journeys depends on distance travelled; it's either €1,20 or €1,60. These single journey tickets are 80 cents (any journey) if pre-paid cards are purchased. The card itself costs €3 plus minimum 10 journeys ie €11 the first time These tickets are valid for 1 hour, including for any change between buses to complete your journey.

For visitors there are these useful passes - 1 day €3,60; 3 days €9,00; 5 days €15,00 and 7 days €21,60.  The one day pass can be purchased on the bus, the other must be purchased from the bus station or other sales points as below.

A monthly normal fare pass is €22,40, a seniors (65yrs+) monthly pass €13,44. Photo is required, Also proof of age is required for the senior pass. The pass cards themselves cost €5.  They must be recharged each calendar month to remain valid. Details are on the AONDA website here.

Pre-pay cards and passes can be bought at Lagos bus station  and the council offices in Luz, Bensafrim, Barão de São João and Odíaxere.


On the main page click 'Linhas' (routes) then the little grey PDF icon to view and download the complete timetable for that route. MAPA will bring up a map but not all the stops are shown.


Horário Díário = WEEKDAYS ie Mondays to Fridays except holidays.
Horário Sábados = SATURDAYS except holidays
Horário Domingos e Feriados = SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS

You may also see "Só em dias escolares" = bus runs on schooldays only times which are in red boxes or "Em dias não escolares" meaning bus runs only during school holidays times in green boxes.

 "Nos meses de Julho e Agosto" = runs only in July and August for which times are in light blue boxes.

Buses and trains between Lagos and other towns, also Faro Airport

'Get on' fast bus to Faro Airport - the service is suspended until further notice. This was only however running three times a day.

There are nine trains between Lagos and Faro on weekdays, seven on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Journey time about 1hr 40 minutes. Buses and taxis are available for the trip between Faro station and the airport. Total cost by train + bus is about €11. Train + taxi about €20.

There are three direct Transrápido buses between Lagos and Faro (city centre) on weekdays, two on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. These buses are slightly cheaper than the trains, but take about 30 minutes longer. They do NOT go via the airport. Current official timetable here.

EVA and Frota Azul interurban services
- buses leave from the Bus Station and many stop along the 'Esplanada' on their way out of town.

Currently and until further notice, these bus routes are running to limited timetables with most weekend service suspended.

EVA fast buses to Alvor, Portimão, Lagoa, Armação de Pêra, Albufeira and Faro times here - these stop ONLY at the bus station.
'Get On' fast bus service between Lagos Bus Station and the airport SUSPENDED
EVA Rota do Infante bus to Salema, Vila do Bispo, Sagres times here  some buses run to Cabo São Vicente (Cape St Vincent).
EVA buses to Bensafrim, Aljezur and Odeceixe (weekday service only) here
FROTA AZUL local bus through Odiáxere to/from Portimão here

Train times here - trains run very irregularly to and from Portimão, Silves and Faro, with connections at Tunes to and from Lisbon and Porto.
All coaches (long distance buses) to / from Lisbon and beyond, also those to Seville and other Spanish destinations, use the Lagos bus station.

Other transport

Lagos <> Alvor water taxi in summertime - booking available on line at
Licensed taxis in the area contact information at Uber operates around the area in summer.

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