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Lagos <> Meia Praia - trains and buses

The information has been obtained from printed timetables and other local sources (like taking the bus) and is given in good faith.


There is a mini-bus service (A ONDA LINE 2) linking Meia Praia, Lagos Railway Station, Lagos Bus Station and town, Dona Ana and Porto do Mos. Times are listed at the bus stops. The route ends at Forte de Meia Praia, which is next to the little railway station at the eastern end of the beach.

Complete timetable (external link) here. Be aware that the timetable notes are in Portuguese only. I have translated them here if you need.


From Meia Praia to Lagos town, Praia Dona Ana and Porto do Mos EVERY DAY from 0710 to 2310 at 10 minutes past every hour
From Lagos town (Portas de Portugal) to Meia Praia EVERY DAY at 0756 to 2256 at 56 minutes past every hour. These buses come from Porto do Mos via Praia Dona Ana.

WINTER TIMETABLE September to end June - Most of these buses come from / go to Porto do Mós via Praia Dona Ana. Check timetable.

Buses leave Meia Praia for Lagos town (Portas de Portugal) thus:

Weekdays : 0710 then at 10 minutes past each hour until 1810 then at 1910 as far the bus station.
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays:  0710 (Saturdays only), 0810, 0910, 1310, 1710, 1810, also at 1010, 1410 and 1910 as far as the bus station.

This route stops outside Lagos bus station and continues down the main 'Esplananda' for the Portas de Portugal (town centre) before going to Torralta, Dona Ana and Porto do Mos..

Coming back from Lagos, buses leave for Meia Praia from the Portas de Portugal stop thus :

Weekdays : 0756 then at 56 minutes past each hour until 1856.
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays : 0756, 0856, 0956, 1356, 1656, 1756 and 1856.


If you are staying in or near Meia Praia, or wish to visit, the train is an easy, quick and cheap way to or from Portimão and points east. Travelling by bus means going into Lagos first and a much longer journey.

The train journey between Lagos and Meia Praia takes four minutes. The journey from Meia Praia to Portimão takes about 15 minutes. Train times can be seen here.

The trains run at highly irregular intervals, with long gaps between them especially at weekends. Do check times carefully.

There is no ticket office at Meia Praia. Buy your ticket on the train; cash only.  Ticket price to Lagos is €1,45 and to Portimão it is €1,80. From Meia Praia to Lagos the first train is at 0849 except Sundays and Holidays when it is 1032, trains are then at very irregular intervals until the last trains at 1906 daily, 1948 weekdays and 2212 daily. The last train back to Meia Praia leaves Portimão at 2158 daily. Trains run from Lagos to Meia Praia  at 0658 (except Sundays and Holidays), 0746 daily then at very irregular intervals until 1705 (daily), 1815 (weekdays only) then the last train at 2000 daily. They stop at Meia Praia four minutes after leaving Lagos. All trains go to Portimão, all but one weekday train then continues to Tunes (for Lisbon connections), Albufeira and Faro.

The little platform is about 150 metres from eastern end of the beach. The train station at Lagos is about 5 minutes walk across the bridge past the Marina into the top end of town and another five minutes walk into the main tourist area.

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