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The information has been obtained from printed timetables and other local sources (like taking the bus) and is given in good faith.

These buses only run on MONDAYS and FRIDAYS, except holidays.

Carreiras só as Segundas e Sextas exepto ferias. Les cars circulent seulement les lundis et vendredis sauf féries. Nur am Montags und Freitags nicht ferientags.

TIMES IN DETAIL  - official timetable

Connections possible at Aljezur for Lagos and northwards.
Thanks to Michiel van Dam for updating his previous advice on the connections at Monte do Rei :

At Monte do Rei, near Apartementos Rosa. Here you can change to the bus from Aljezur via Monte Ruivo to Lagos. The buses wait for each other at that point.
So no reason to panic when the bus from Carrapateira and Bordeira arrives about 5 minutes late :) This connection is however only available on SCHOOLDAYS.

For the return to Bordeira and Carrapateira, at Monte Ruivo / Monte do Rei turn left and walk 150 meters on the N268 to the nearest bus stop for Bordeira and Carrapateira.
A connection from Lagos is available, leaving there at 1235. Wait 30 minutes and the Carrapateira bus will arrive at 1344.

Some of the drivers will issue tickets to/from Monte da Vinha, which is one stop further direction Alfambras/Aljezur.

Buses to and from Lagos are shown here.

In summer, Carrapateira has a daily direct motor coach service to and from Lisbon. Details on the Rede-Expressos website.
In winter, this service operates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. (If Monday is a holiday, it operates on Monday, not Sunday.)

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