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Air service Portimão <> Cascais <> Viseu <> Vila Real <> Bragança

Operated by Sevenair. For bookings go to

Information correct as of 3rd October 2021. Taken from official website.


Route Map


Timetable below is valid until 13th February 2022
  There is currently no stop at Vila Real.
Two flights will operate during September and October
but at slightly different times

NO SERVICE on Sundays or Public Holidays

There is no longer a downloadable timetable at the Sevenair website.

In winter there is a morning flight southbound from Bragança at about 0730am
arriving in Portimão at around 1000am. It then immediately goes back to Cascais where it waits several hours before continuing to Bragança. Check times at the official website

A reservable mini bus connection is offered between Cascais and Lisbon.

Lisbon pickup / drop off is at Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo,
which is adjacent to the Marquês de Pombal metro station a little way to
the north of the city centre.

In summer there are two flights each way except Sundays and presumably
public holidays.

Location of Portimão Airfield

Portimão Airport

The aircraft used is a 19 seater Dornier 228

dornier 228

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