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NORMAL or DIRECTA between Albufeira, Vilamoura and Faro

Faster buses (Route 57, Transrápido) run seven times each weekday direct between Albufeira and Faro.
There are only two buses each way at weekends. In Albufeira these stop only at the main bus station. Times here. Tickets are available via the VAMUS app.
Also, bus 56 (Aerobus) runs direct between Albufeira and Faro via the airport twice daily during winter, six times daily in summer.
Higher fares are charged on route 56. Times here.

Some buses on routes 9 and 66 between Albufeira and Faro are classed 'Directa'. These miss out some stops on the outskirts of Faro and also in Vilamoura. The 'D' is sometimes not shown on the front of the bus.

These are ordinary inter-urban buses that takes slightly different routes. They all stop in Ohos D'Agua, Vilamoura, Quarteira and Almancil. If boarding at a bus station, you buy your ticket at the bus station ticket office if it's open. Otherwise pay the driver when boarding.

Here's how to tell them apart and also at which places the DIRECTA does not stop. All this applies for buses in both directions.

DIRECTA buses may carry a small RED sign in the window; NORMAL buses a small BLUE one, in addition to the destination information.

The DIRECTA buses between Faro and Albufeira do not stop at many of the stops served by the NORMAL buses. That’s why they are a bit quicker. If the DIRECTA timetable is not shown at your bus stop, assume that it does NOT stop there.

DIRECTA buses do not run on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays. Some NORMAL buses run daily, many do not.

The official timetable for these two routes can be downloaded at - my combined versions eastbound and westbound.

For times of the faster Transrápido buses between Albufeira and Faro, please click here or for a copy of the official timetable click here.

In Albufeira, after having left the Bus Station, NORMAL buses stop at the Escola Secundaria (Secondary School) by the bridge; DIRECTA buses do not. All buses stop outside the Continente / Modelo shopping centre, at Areias São João (the 'strip) and on  the Estrada de Santa Eulalia near the tourist office and the 'Little Britain' café / bar.

Map showing those stops is here

DIRECTA buses also miss some of the stops along the road between Balaia and Olhos D'Agua - map here which will open in a new window. Do check carefully.

Between Olhos da Agua and Vilamoura the DIRECTA buses run non-stop between the 'Canas' stop and the Aldeia do Mar (Rua do Sol) in Vilamoura.

In Vilamoura, NORMAL buses stop along the Caminho do Golfe (Aldeia do Golfe) and along the Avenida do Parque and at Navegantes; DIRECTA buses do not. The bus stops in Vilamoura show only the NORMAL timetable where the DIRECTA does not stop. All buses stop at the Aldeia do Mar (Rua do Sol) and the Vilamoura Praia da Marina. DIRECTA buses then run non stop to Quarteira Bus Station. Between Quarteira Bus Station and Almancil DIRECTA buses run non-stop.

Near Faro, NORMAL buses leave the N125 and go into Patacão; DIRECTA buses do not.

All these 'rules' apply equally for journeys towards Albufeira

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