Bus Maps of the Albufeira area



The official map of GIRO buses around Albufeira is here in PDF file format - external link to Albufeira Council website.
It does NOT show the routes of EVA and Frota Azul inter-urban buses and also has some minor inaccuracies!

For my bus and train map of the whole Algarve region, please click here. Neither regional bus company website has a map.


A very basic diagram showing all the buses around Albufeira, click it to see a larger version


This diagram shows all the routes linking Albufeira with nearby towns and villages and all the stops in the town of Albufeira.

I have a summary here of the buses to the main places you can visit further afield.

The map below shows the stops for the EVA and Frota Azul buses linking Albufeira with nearby towns and villages.
These bus routes do not have route/line numbers, so the colours are used to differentiate between them.
All buses apart from the Frota Azul bus to/from Messines (purple) start or end their journeys at the Bus Station.
These buses do NOT go to the old town centre, which is 1.6km/1 mile from the Bus Station.


Large map of old town showing different bus stops and other transport information here.

A map of Albufeira showing the main roads, roundabouts and the different areas, click here.

For a good interactive map of the Albufeira town area, click here.

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