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The information has been obtained from printed timetables and other local sources (like taking the bus) and is given in good faith.

Regional and local buses use the stops in Avenida Guanaré by the river, close to Largo do Dique. Map here

A different bus station in Portimão, to the north of the city centre, is used by all LONG DISTANCE buses (coaches) to and from Lisbon, Seville etc also the Aerobus route 56 to and from the airport.

The facility is located in Rua da Abicada near the Portimão Arena. Map here.  NB there is no 'shortcut' between the railway station and bus station.

Four local 'Vai e Vem' bus routes stop at this out of town bus station.  Separate ticket is needed.Timetables and route maps in detail here. They use stop number 12 inside the bus station.

Route 12 to Bemposta and Montes do Alvor (nb not Alvor itself) weekdays only, every 30 minutes at peak times, once an hour otherwise.

Route 31 from Largo do Dique weekdays only, every 40 minutes.Ten minutes journey. Not an option to go towards largo do Dique as it goes a different way.

Route 32 to/ from Largo do Dique via the Railway Station, weekdays only, every 15 minutes 0700 - 1000 and 1700 to 1930. Every 30 minutes 1000 - 1700. Six minutes journey from Largo do Dique, ten minutes to Largo do Dique as it goes a different way.

Route 37 to and from city centre (stops at Praça Manuel T. Gomes, very close to Largo do Dique) weekends and holidays only, once each hour. Fourteen minutes journey.

There is a taxi rank directly outside the bus station.

Walking between the main bus station and Avenida Guanaré for regional buses.

There is NO signposted walking route to or from this location. The walking route on my map is about 12 minutes walk, flat and alongside the river. Checked and everything is OK except that the way is closed between 2200 and 0700hrs in winter. If you don't want to pay for a taxi to travel 1.5km (a bit less than a mile) and don't mind a walk, here's how to do it from the place where local buses stop and most of the city centre. It is flat and not unpleasant while you go alongside the river.First head towards the two bridges, following the obvious marked paths by the river. Go under the first (road) bridge then under the second (railway) bridge. You will see a vast almost deserted car park just to the left of you. Walk up the short ramp. Aim for the left hand end of the big shiny building of the Portimão arena.


You will see buses in front of you, but that is not it.  That's the bus maintenance depôt. Follow the red brick road and you will see a gate. It is open! Go through the gate and the bus station entrance is directly in front of you. nside is a ticket office and small waiting area, toilets and 18 bus stops with a roof. The ticket office opens only from 0800 to 11100 then 1300 to 1815 every day. If you are travelling outside those hours, you must obtain a ticket in advance or from the website.

pmo-newbusstn-02 pmo-newbusstn-03
If you get off at Portimão, here's how to find the way to the centre once you have finished wondering 'where on earth am I'? There is no dedicated bus connection to the city centre. Some city buses stop there - click or tap here.

You can take a taxi, there is a taxi stand outside the gate. Or walk - read on!

Come out of the bus station, look to your left across the road and spot the green gate.

Go through the gate and follow the red brick road towards the trees. - picture bottom right - and head towards the river when you get there.

Once at the other end you will see the way of the path around by the river and under the bridges.  Follow that down by the river and you will come out at the Largo Do Dique for the city centre and a short distance beyond In Avenida Guanaré (past the petrol / gas station) the stops buses for places like Monchique, Lagos, Ferragudo etc


RAILWAY STATION - if for any reason you need to go to or from the railway station, this is a pain. It is quite a walk because of the railway line and industrial area in between. Come out of the bus station, turn right towards the industrial area and follow the road to the end, turn left and go over the railway level (grade) crossing, then turn left again and keep going. It's about a 10 minute walk.

Coming from the railway station, turn right and follow the road to the end, turn right again, go over the crossing and turn right again. Walk past the industrial units and the bus company maintenance depôt. The bus station facility is ahead as you reach the end of the road.

There is a signpost just past the railway line to 'Terminal Rodoviário'.

Buses 32 runs on weekdays only between the railway station and the main bus station. There is no direct bus in the opposite direction on weekdays. Bus 37 runs once an hour in both directions between the two on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.


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