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ELVAS - how to get there by train or bus and how to get around


I have no easy means to check or update so please confirm through sources given below. This page checked on 18th August 2020.

Elvas (pop.16,600, urban area 23,000) is an historic town of eastern Portugal. It is not in the Algarve - I was visiting! The town is about 130 miles / 210 km by road from Lisbon. it is about 164 miles / 265km from Albufeira by the shortest route, but 210 miles / 338km by the quickest route.

From Lisbon Airport and City to Elvas by train  cplogo

Elvas has only ONE train a day. The ONLY possible journey from and to Lisbon is as below.  Train timetable in full here.
Elvas station is nearly 3km from the town centre.  Map here. Taxis are not available at the station unless you call for one. There are no buses.
Elvas trainThis is the train. Click to see the picture larger size.Take some water with you at least!

Train times valid from 30th August 2020

Lisbon Santa Apolónia (city centre) leave
Elvas leave (the train comes from Badajoz, Spain)
Lisbon Oriente (closer to airport) leave
Entroncamento (change trains) arrive 1814
Entroncamento (change trains) arrive
Entroncamento leave 1844
Entroncamento leave
Lisbon Oriente (closer to airport) arrive 2012
Elvas arrive (the train continues to Badajoz, Spain)
Lisbon Santa Apolónia (city centre) arrive 2020
Intercity train - reservation compulsory   Regional train - no reservations
Tickets can be purchased at the railway website standard adult fare €18,70 discounts may be available.
Tickets for the return journey should be purchased at the website. Elvas station has no ticket office.
Connections are available at Lisbon Oriente to / from Lisbon Entrecampos and Lisbon Sete Rios using local trains.
Connections are available at Entrecampos from Porto, Aveiro, Coimbra etc. Consult the website.
No connection from Porto on Sundays unless you leave VERY early.

If you are not planning to spend time in Lisbon, you will need to get from the Airport to LISBOA ORIENTE station. This is now very simple using the Lisbon metro (subway)  - trains run to Oriente station every few minutes from 0630 until 0100 every night. The journey takes about 5 minutes. There is also city bus 744 to Oriente.

Reservations for train trips in Portugal can only be made up to a MAXIMUM of 60 days in advance. You can reserve on line at and print your own ticket. A big discount is available on many trains for tickets purchased more than 8 days in advance. DO NOT use RailEurope etc as they cannot issue the required seat reservation for which you will pay extra.

Lisbon - Elvas by bus (coach) - Operated by Rede Expressos

You will probably need to make your way to the SETE RIOS bus terminal. This is about 3 miles/5km from the airport and is linked to it by the underground metro line. Take any train to the end of the line at São Sebastião then change to the Blue Line for a two stop ride to Jardim Zoológico station, which is adjacent to Sete Rios. Trains run every few minutes from 0630 daily. The journey will take around 25 minutes and cost €2.

There is also a direct bus, Aerobus 2, from the airport to Sete Rios but running only once each hour from 0800 to 1900hrs. Consult the Aerobus website for details. For your bus options from elsewhere in the city check the city bus website at

From the city centre or elsewhere in Lisbon, make your way by metro to Jardim Zoológico station. The Rede Expressos bus terminal is outside the station exit, well signposted. By city bus you head for Sete Rios. Their bus stops are within 50 metres of the long distance terminal.

Consult the long distance bus website for Lisbon - Elvas times, remember it's LISBOA on the timetable search. One-way fare is currently €17,60 and the journey takes about 3 hours. There are seven journeys each way daily. Extra journeys operate in both directions on Friday and Sunday evenings during University terms. One journey each way also calls at Lisbon Oriente bus station, which is closer to the airport. Currently this is at 1530hrs to Elvas, 0645 from Elvas, both daily.Tickets can be purchased up to 30 days in advance.

Porto - Elvas by train

One train a day. Consult you can leave from either Porto São Bento (city centre) or Porto Campanhã, the main station in the eastern suburbs. You change trains at Entroncamento.

One way 2nd class ticket €28,40 or €25,60 depending on which train you take from Porto. Discounted fares may be available.

There is a metro connection between Porto Airport and Campanhã station, takes about 35 minutes and costs €2,60. Service runs daily from 0556 until 0042 every day, with trains every 15 minutes between 0830hrs and 2100hrs, every 30 minutes at other times. You need to change metro lines at Trindad station.

Please note that reservations for train trips in Portugal can only be made up to a MAXIMUM of 60 days in advance. You can reserve on line and print your own ticket. big A discount is available on many trains for tickets purchased more than 8 days in advance.  DO NOT use RailEurope etc as they cannot issue the required seat reservation for which you will pay extra.

Porto - Elvas by coach (bus) - Operated by Rede Expressos

From Porto (Campo 24 Agosto Bus Station) journey is about seven hours. There are no direct services, you go via Lisbon and change there.

One way ticket is €31,40. Tickets can be bought on line up to 30 days in advance at the Rede Expressos website

The Campo 24 de Agosto bus terminal is a short distance outside Porto city centre, about two minutes walk from the Campo 24 de Agosto metro station (same line as for the Campanhã railway station) and is served by numerous city bus routes.

Badajoz (Spain) to Elvas

There are local buses between the two towns on weekdays. These leave Badajoz at 1315 and 1630 Spanish time, arriving in Elvas at 1245 and 1600 Portuguese time. They do not operate at weekends or public holidays. The daily train leaves Badajoz at 1624 Spanish time, arriving at Elvas 1548 Portuguese time.

So far as I can establish the long distance operators do not carry passengers for this short trip nor between Elvas and Spanish towns.

Algarve to Elvas

You can do what I did, take a train to Lisbon, stay overnight and get up early next day for the train. The ride is scenic. The sensible way is to go by train or coach (long distance bus) to Lisbon and on from there. Total journey time though 6 - 7 hours. From some places in the Algarve you can also go via Évora but it's the same journey time more or less.

Arriving in Elvas

Elvas is built on top of a tall and steep hill. The bus station is about 800 metres / 1/2 of a mile from the centre, down at the bottom. I don't know if taxis wait for arrivals there.  Map link

Getting around in Elvas

Once you are up in the old town it is walkable, although some streets are very steep. You cannot drive around there anyway! There is no bus service inside the walls except for  two 'urban' bus routes making their way between the bus station and around various suburbs. There are a total of seven buses each weekday. Times and routes here and here.

Further afield from Elvas - local and regional buses

There are almost no local bus services around Elvas of any value to the visitor. No service is provided at weekends or public holidays. Buses do not show these numbers, they are just timetable references.

These are those that may be of value. All leave from the bus station. Links are to the official timetables on the Rodovíario do Alentejo website.

8015 on schooldays to Vila Boim and Terrugem at 1845, inbound journeys at 0727 and 0812. During school holidays outbound 1830, inbound 0727

8061 Portalegre. Schooldays at 0650 and 1635. Portalegre to Elvas at 0845 and 1815. Two extra to Santa Eulália at 1345 and 1845, inbound from there at 0730 and 1430. During School Holidays Elvas to Portalegre at 0700 and 1615, return 0845 and 1740. Elvas to Sta Eulália at 1345 and 1815, inbound at 0830 and 1430

8069 Barbacena - three buses each way schooldays, during holidays from Barbacena at 0730, from Elvas at 1830

8083 to Campo Maior via Elvas station at1845, inbound journey at 0740

8551 to Évora, Montemor-O-Novo, Setúbal and Alcacer do Sal at 0710 arrives 1135. Returns at 1530. Also runs at 1600 on Fridays to Évora, inbound journey is at 0900 also only on Fridays.

8558 Badajoz. Two buses each weekday at 1000 and 1500 journey 30 minutes. Does not run 'Easter Monday'. There is also the one train a day, from Elvas at 1253 arriving in Badajoz at 1416 Spanish time. The return train leaves Badajoz at 1624 Spanish time. Journey is 24 minutes.

8940 Schooldays Elvas to Vila Boim, Terrugem and Estremoz at 1635. Connects at Estremoz with another bus to Montemor-O-Novo and Setúbal. From Setúbal at 1300 via all those places, via Estremoz at 1735, arrive Elvas 1855 direct. During school holidays runs to Estremoz at 1610 with connection to Setúbal, return trip is at 1300 via Estremoz at 1735.

8945  Schooldays only to Vila Boim at 0745, from there at 1340, 1630 except Mondays, 1730 Mondays. From Elvas 15 minutes later to Vedor and São Vicente.

8976 Schooldays to Évora at 1345 via Vila Boim, Terrugem, Vila Viçosa and all over arrive 1549. From Évora at 1700 arrive Elvas 1855. School Holidays to Évora at 1330, from Évora at 0815 (arrive 1020) and 1700. No morning bus from Évora on schooldays.

THE LONG DISTANCE BUSES OF REDE EXPRESSOS OFFER FOUR DAILY JOURNEYS BETWEEN ELVAS AND ÉVORA, FIVE BETWEEN ELVAS AND ESTREMOZ. You must 'book' for these journeys either at the website or at the bus stations in Elvas or Évora, at the ticket agent in Estremoz.

Football Stadium in Elvas

Elvas has an impressive 15,000 seat stadium but as of now has no team to play in it.

Comments and updates

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I take no responsibility for any inconvenience caused as a result of later changes to times etc. This page is for general guidance only and you must check details before making commitments and decisions!

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